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Welcome to the website!

Welcome to my website!

“Sedate” me 🙂

Hi, my name is Teresa and I am excited to present this website of things I have created! I have found my inner creator in the past few years and have started to really let her loose making all sorts of pretty things. 🙂

I hope you enjoy my portfolio of offerings, I have zillions of ideas and slowly this website will fill with them all!

Almost all of the items displayed are made from scratch by me, with help in some instances from hubby Russ (thank you dear!), and I am really loving making this. If something isn’t made by me, here in our shop in Uralla, NSW, Australia, then it is engraved by us here, either decoratively or for customising for you.

Browse through my shop, search via the tags, and if you find one (or many) things you love, if it isn’t obvious, drop me a line and ask if we can customise it for you – the answer will almost always be yes, of course!

Thank you for visiting my website, and keep coming back as new things will always be added.

“fun at the pub” me 🙂


Teresa French
Uralla, NSW

contact me here